Azam Swati Video leak , Real or Fake?

Azam Swati Video leak , Real or Fake?

Azam Swati Video leak , Real or Fake?

Azam Swati breaks down, claims receiving objectionable video featuring him and wife. PTI Senator Azam Swati burst into tears before the media on Saturday, saying that his wife had received a video featuring him and her and about which he could not share further details because the “daughters of my country are listening”.

Swati, who was arrested on October 13 in a case registered against him over a controversial tweet and is now on bail, has claimed that has been subjected to custodial torture.

Swati began the press conference today by referring to an earlier media talk, where he recalled saying that neither had he committed any corruption nor anybody, including “powerful circles”, had any “immoral videos” featuring him.

“I was completely wrong,” he said as he accused elements within the establishment for his ordeal.

“I am asking my God is this Pakistan where the sanctity of a husband and wife [is not safe?],” he said.

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