Horoscope Today: December 15, 2022

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Horoscope Today: December 15, 2022

It’s a ‘wine and pizza’ kinda night in the Aquarius HQ. You want to avoid the ‘social scene’ like the plague and spend the evening indoors discussing the benefits of chardonnay with your bestie. If you like looking towards the stars for inspiration, read each other’s charts or pick a few oracle cards to see what’s coming up in the new year. Capricorn, your manifestations are taking root in the physical and miracles are becoming an everyday occurrence. What a beautiful time to be you! So, send out a prayer of gratitude into the cosmos and make a conscious effort to uplift those around you. Know that spreading joy like confetti is a part of your soul’s mission here on earth. But, what’s your dominant thought, Taurus? What are you repeating to yourself and others? Just make sure you’re not addicted to your misery. Just make sure you’re not letting your past become the reason you *don’t* run towards the bright future that awaits.

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