Motivation: A Pathway Towards Your Destination


Motivation a Pathway Towards Your Destination


We often think about why we are so down, why we don’t want to do work or achieve our goals? Why do some people study well and work well but we don’t have some hope to achieve our goals and to reach our destination? Why does someone’s behavior make us rude, arrogant and sad? Why don’t we overcome our griefs, why this always happens with us, why us?

Certainly that kind of question comes to our minds when we are in a certain kind of situation and we want to do something but our inner self becomes so tired that we lose all our high hopes. These all are broader questions that are related to motivation. 

Motivation is a very general word and we heard that word a hundred thousand times in our daily routine life but we don’t actually think what motivation is and how it impacts on our life? So in today’s article our area of interest is motivation and we will deeply take a look at what motivates us in our everyday life. 

Motivation is in our daily life
Motivation is in our daily life

Before any further gossip let’s dive into our topic. Motivation is actually derived from a Latin word “mover” which means “to move”. Motivation refers to the influence that governs the initiation, direction, intensity and persistence of behavior.

Motivation is basically a general and broad term for all our actions that we do in a certain situation that initiates and directs us to do so for example, if a teacher ignores his/her student in front of whole class then how this will affect the student may be the student feel sad and he tries to stop studying so every action has some reaction but in a different way and in an opposite direction. 

There are certain aspects that energize us to do so and these aspects and factors are called motives. In psychology Wood-worth described that every motive can be analyzed into these following factors. 


Need is basically a physiological deficiency in an organism’s body and due to need an imbalance occurs in the body of the organism which initiates the organism to move towards drive to fulfill its need. Drive is basically an initiation that urges an organism to fulfill its need in order to maintain the balance in the body. Robert Woods-worth introduced the concept of motivation as an energy drive that determines behavior.

According to Woods-worth, drive is actually like a fuel which motivates an organism to go through to move to perform his actions and behavior.

Live for your dreams
Live for your dreams

All the aspects are necessary but drive is a basic aspect that determines how the organism is going in a certain direction. From my point of view, drive is basically an inner Desire which makes humans perform and behave in a certain manner. 

The third aspect according to Wordsworth is incentive. Incentive is basically an external stimulus anticipated as a reward which directs and energizes behavior. Incentive is actually the behavior that is performed at a particular moment.

The last aspect is effect and effect is basically the satisfaction of the need and satisfaction of the needs can be physical or psychological. All these aspects and factors affect one’s behavior and actions in a certain way. After having a know how about the factors of motives let’s discuss the motives and their categories.

According to psychology motives are divided into two classes that are primary motives and secondary motives. Primary motives are the motives that are necessary for the survival of a living organism for example, hunger, thirst, temperature regulation, sleep motive, pain reduction, maternal motive, oxygen motive, fatigue reduction these all are the motive that are necessary for the survival of an organism if these motives are not fulfilled then the organism cannot survive.

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If the primary motives are not fulfilled for a long time then the individual becomes disturbed physically and mentally and it can be risky. Primary motives are born and innate and an individual doesn’t need to learn about them. 

while secondary motives are basically those motives that are necessary to live in a society and that are related to our behavior and social acceptance in answer in our society.

Secondary motives are basically categorized into the social motives psychological motive and general motives and the secondary motives basically include how our society approves us and accepts and how self-esteem and affiliation and how the various behaviors lead us to become more powerful and curious about our life. 

Do you know why some people work early on weekends but they don’t get some sleep and have some fun like others because of their motivation, because of their inner urges to become a great person. Basically motivation is generally divided into two types: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Intrinsic motivation is basically the urges due to which a person or organism performs specific work for his/her own satisfaction while extrinsic motivation is for some reward. 

Motivation is the key
Motivation is the key

That was actually a long introduction about motivation. Now let’s see how it makes us achieve our goals. We all have some goals in our life to make our future better and secure from our present and past. Some want to become doctors, some want to become pilots, engineers but the thing that decides your achievement of your goal is motivation.

Thousands of students study and give exams, interviews but why only some of them reach their destination is due to their inner motivation. Motivation actually clarifies our goals and views on how we want to spend our life being a productive human or being a bag of trash that no one wants.

It’s time for you to think about how you want to see you don’t waste your precious time and start doing your work with full motivation so that one day you will enjoy all the blessings of life being a successful man. In the end I will just say “ Start your journey now because tomorrow never comes”.


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