Success Story of Mother-Son In Freelancing Industry

Success Story of Mother-Son In Freelancing Industry
Success Story of Mother-Son In Freelancing Industry


Story time: Meet Umme Ayesha 3 years ago  she was just a house wife  with 4 kids. Managing kitchen and kids and used to keep herself busy in the term of housewife. Then she took an online course by Ashraf Chaudary for just 3k I guess on how to start YouTube etc. Her level of motivation by that course was outstanding. She not only learned YouTube but also started making videos. She kept on learning other soft skills. She adjusted her routine accordingly and focused on learning new things.

Eventually she started getting projects on Fiverr and Upwork and made some international clients too. The best thing I observed about her journey so far is that she has been motivating all others in her circle and engaging them and guiding them too.

Many people in her circle have also started earning. She has changed the vibes and environment of her home and her surroundings.

If you meet her: You will get positive vibes and motivation.

She is an inspiration for All of us especially women’s that if she can do this – EVERYONE CAN.
More power to You Ayesha. You have a very bright future ahead and its just the start. Keep inspiring people around you and Keep it up.


Umme Ayesha started her career in freelancing 3 years back and achieved great success in short time because of her hard work and dedication. After being successful in freelancing industry she helped her son Abdul Ahad to start career in this field and guided him throughout his hard times and now he is the Youngest 3D animator of Pakistan. She is also working with her daughter right now to make a career for her in this field.

We Salute Umme Ayesha for being a Great Mom, a Great Freelancer and a Good Wife all at a time.

We Team In For Updates really appreciate her efforts and wish Umme Ayesha and Her son best of luck for the future.


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