Waqar Zaka Reveals The Reality of “Parking Guy”

mujhe yakeen nahi aa raha meri selection hogayi hai

Waqar Zaka Reveals The Reality of “Parking Guy”

Waqar Zaka Revealed the reality of “Parking Guy” saying that He didn’t get any revenue from the video of old man which bring smile on million of faces.

The video (mujhe yakeen nahi aa raha meme) people see on youtube and facebook which make them laugh of an old man is aired by ARY Digital and all the revenue generated from that video will directly goes to the ARY. I’m not involved in all of this my contract with ARY was just to host the show which I did and nothing more. So please stop trolling me that I’m not taking care of that old man and generating revenue from his video. Said “Waqar Zaka

He also said that video is of early time when we don’t have such an advance technology. I personally do collaboration with the team by editing the video etc.


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