Wild Leopard or Pet Gone Rogue? The Shocking Truth Behind Islamabad’s Recent Attack

Cheeta Found In DHA Islamabad

Islamabad: Wild Cheeta (Panther) found in DHA Islamabad. Residential said that at 3:30 pm, a large-sized wild leopard suddenly entered the population and attacked a security guard.

The leopard hit the security guard on the waist and in result he fells to the ground.

The next day, a wild leopard attacked at least six people, including wildlife department personnel, in the housing society.

Despite warnings, citizens eagerly sought to spot the big cat on their own. Some managed to glimpse it on the loose.

The twist? The leopard was actually a pet.

It is said that the panther was a pet which is owned by well-known personality of Pakistan (Name Unknown)

male leopard captured from dha was sedated and brought safely to iwmb s rescue and rehab centre on feb 16 2023 photo twitter rinasaeed

The big question now is: what will happen to the owner of the pet leopard?

The Islamabad police registered a case against an “unknown accused” for keeping a leopard captive in DHA Phase II.

Under Sections 324 and 289 of the Pakistan Penal Code, the Sahala Police Station has booked an unidentified suspect.



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